• Agape Fish Fund

    Annual Report 2017

    Our mission is to support kingdom ministries in East Asia to impact the world as Jesus commissioned.


    Dear friends and partners in Christ,

    Thank you for joining us in 2017 for Agape Fish Fund’s first year. We feel like the disciples did when Jesus multiplied the 5 loaves and 2 fish to feed the multitudes—humbled, grateful, amazed. Wow. He can do so much with so little!

    Our starting budget is modest, but each one of your donations is making the deepest impact possible. We see how God uses a little to accomplish a lot. This year we have been focusing on building relationships with ministry partners and supporters. We’re helping ministry organizations become more transparent, and we’re connecting with donors so you can become more engaged. We hope you will be encouraged by the ministry updates and invested through prayer.

    We are grateful for each one of you that has supported us this year. Be assured that we are practicing good stewardship for whatever amount has been entrusted to us. As Luke 16:10 says, “Whoever can be trusted with very little can also be trusted with much.” By faith we believe that God will entrust us with more next year, so we can continue to increase our kingdom impact together.

    Nancy Nguyen


    Advisors & Board of Directors

    Nancy Nguyen, Founder & President

    Daniel Nguyen, Secretary

    Gary Wong, Treasurer

    Pastor Thu & Hanh Nguyen, Advisors

    Pastor Bao & Thuy Nguyen, Advisors

  • Our Impact

    Supporting kingdom ministries for poverty alleviation and missions.

    Agape Fish Projects 2017

    Partner Ministries 2017

    Agape Fish Fund is a 501(c)(3) US non-profit organization founded in 2016 in California. Our mission is to support kingdom ministries in East Asia to impact the world as Jesus commissioned.


    We develop ministries to have a strong and ethical foundation for long-term self-sustainability. This year we chose 12 partner ministries to support. All of the ministries focus both on poverty alleviation as well as evangelism and long-term discipleship for children and families in need.

    Poverty Alleviation and Missions

    We also nurture a passion and cultivate prayer for poverty alleviation and missions among the Christian community in the United States.​ Our goal is to connect individuals, communities, and churches in the West with the poverty alleviation ministries in East Asia—one of the poorest, least-evangelized regions of the world.

    We handpick trustworthy ministries to support.

    We have a rigorous selection process to screen nonprofits for excellence in transparency. We even travel to visit children and families and report back to you. This ensures that your donation arrives in the right hands. Accountability is important to us, and we will share the impact of your donation through impact reports.

    Changing lives, one child and family at a time.

    We ensure that each of your donations makes the deepest impact possible.

  • Highlights

    Check out a few of our featured projects from the year.

    Burma Orphans

    In partnership with Adonai Child Rehabilitation, we provided food, education, and a Christian home for 9 orphans in Burma.

    Read More

    Vietnam House Construction

    In partnership with SOMEDCO, we built a new house for a rural family living in extreme poverty in Vietnam.

    Read More

    Cambodia Orphans

    In partnership with Southeast Asian Prayer Center, we provided 4 children in Cambodia with a Christian home.

    Read More

    Taiwan Prison Ministry

    In partnership with the Vietnamese C&MA church, we provided food, Bible memorization activities, and discipleship for 100 Vietnamese prisoners and detainees in Taipei, Taiwan.

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    Children Sponsrship

    We sponsored 15 individual children this year through projects in Burma, Cambodia, and Thailand.

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  • Stories at a Glance

    Learn about other exciting projects we supported this year.

    Homeless Ministry

    San Jose, CA, USA

    We partnered with local churches and volunteers to provide warm meals, supplies, and Christian support for the homeless in San Jose, California.

    Read More

    Low Income Tutoring

    East Palo Alto, CA, USA

    In partnership with O'Keefe, we enriched East Palo Alto elementary and middle school students with tutoring, mentoring, and field trips.

    Read More

    Meals for Rural Children


    In partnership with a local church in Lashio, we provide meals and ministry for malnourished children in remote regions of Burma under war and conflict

    Read More

    Water Wells


    In partnership with Pastor Mui, we built water wells for clean water and ministry among tribal groups in Vietnam.

    Read More

    Goat Ministry


    In partnership with Pastor Mui, we're starting a livestock breeding center for income generation and ministry among tribal groups in Vietnam.

    Read More

    Heart Surgery


    In partnership with Vets with a Mission, we're helping to save poor children in Vietnam who suffer from heart disease.

    Read More

    Women Employment


    We're supporting low-income women in China who make and sell handicrafts.

    Read More

    Trafficked Children


    In partnership with ZOE, we supported rescued trafficked children in Thailand, providing care and restoration in a loving Christian environment. We sponsored 2 children named Chok and Fone.

    Read More

    Diabetes Nutrition

    Westminster, CA, USA

    We support low-income Vietnamese diabetic patients in California by providing diabetes-appropriate meals and Christian accountability.

    Read More

  • Our Children

    Get to know the faces and stories of some of the children we've sponsored.

    David Van Thang

    8-year-old boy in Burma

    David and his younger sister Biak Tha Dim were brought to ACR by their mom in March 2016. Their dad was an alcoholic and died in 2012. Their mom was a TB patient and died in November 2016. Now David is saved and does well at school. He is humble and obedient.

    Biak Tha Dim

    6-year-old girl in Burma

    Biak Tha Dim is the youngest of 3. She and her second oldest brother David came to ACR from the remote village of Hakhalay in Chin State when their mom could no longer take care of them. Their oldest brother works at a motorcycle workshop. Now Biak is saved and likes singing and cleanliness.

    Thla Hnin Thang

    9-year-old boy in Burma

    Thla was born in the village of Hman Daw. His mom died from malaria in 2012. A year later his father married a Buddhist girl, and they wanted to sell Thla to human traffickers if ACR didn't accept him. Now he is saved and likes to dance and joke around.

    Dawt Rem Chin

    9-year-old boy in Burma

    Dawt and her sister Ni Chin Par are from the village of Tui Khing, which has only 50 houses. Their parents were divorced. Their mother remarried but died from cancer in 2015, and their father died from hepatitis C in October 2016. At ACR Dawt is very helpful with caring for the younger orphans.

    Ni Chin Par

    8-year-old girl in Burma

    Ni Chin Par is the youngest of 3. Their father, a divorced widower, suffered from hepatitis C. He sent Ni Chin Par and her sister Dawt to ACR, while their oldest sister went to work at a restaurant. Later on, their dad died in October 2016. Ni Chin Par is saved and likes to make dolls and games.

    Tha Cia Sung

    6-year-old girl in Burma

    Tha Cia Sung lived in the rural village of Thlua Lam. Her parents died in 2011 from land mines when they went to their farm in the mountains. Her grandfather took care of her after that, but now he is in his 90s and can't see or hear. Tha is the smallest orphan at ACR. She is smart and likes to sing and play.

    Biak Hoi Sung

    8-year-old girl in Burma

    Biak was an only child, and her parents died with HIV. Afterwards, her grandmother took care of her, but her grandmother is a TB patient and can't work. So Biak came to ACR in 2017. She likes to learn and help with cooking.

    Biak Lian Thang

    8-year-old boy in Burma

    Biak is from the village Hman Daw. His dad, a drug addict, died with HIV in 2010. His mom also died with HIV in Dec 2015. Biak came to ACR in April 2016. Now he is saved and improving at school.

    Thian Lun Mawi

    9-year-old girl in Burma

    Thian is from the village Mai Nuai. Her father died in a car accident in 2014. Her mother was doing illegal business with heroine. She was arrested in 2015 and sentenced to 10 years in prison. Thian came to ACR in May 2016. Now she is saved, is growing tall, and likes to help cook and clean.

    Soklang Vun

    6-year-old boy in Cambodia

    Soklang's parents got divorced in 2014. His father remarried and later died. Soklang and his mother moved in with his grandmother. Then his mother left and never contacted Soklang or his grandmother. Soklang came to the Kampong Cham children's home in 2015. He has been learning about Jesus and enjoys playing with the other children.

    Sopheak Kov

    14-year-old boy in Cambodia

    Soklang's parents got divorced in 2014. His father remarried and later died. Soklang and his mother moved in with his grandmother. Then his mother left and never contacted Soklang or his grandmother. Soklang came to the Kampong Cham children's home in 2015. He has been learning about Jesus and enjoys playing with the other children.

    Sinet Kov

    14-year-old boy in Cambodia

    Before Sinet and her 2 brothers came to the children's home, they struggled to find food every day while their mother was out working, trying to provide for them. Sinet is a friendly girl who likes to watch cartoons in her free time. She wants to become a doctor in the future.

    Sopheary Kov

    11-year-old boy in Cambodia

    Since Sopheary and his siblings had to spend time foraging for food before they came to the children's home, they weren't able to study. Sopheary is only in 2nd grade, and he weighs just 57 lbs. In his free time he likes to play with the other children. His prayer request is for toys and shoes. In the future he wants to become a solider.


    7-year-old boy in Thailand

    Peen wants to be a teacher when he grows up. His favorite subject in schools is Computers because it's fun. One thing that makes Peen smile is friends.


    11-year-old girl in Thailand

    Fone wants to be a doctor when she grows up. Her favorite subject in school is Chinese because it is fun. One thing that makes Fone smile is God.

  • Financials

    We have raised $45,000 out of our $95,000 goal.

    Ministries Supported

    ​All ministries focus on poverty alleviation, capacity building training, as well as evangelism and long-term discipleship for the needy.

    Tracking Fundraising Progress

    Sponsor a Fish

    for $100

    To visually track our fundraising progress this year, we used an icon matrix with fish. Whenever someone donated $100, they "sponsored" the fish by coloring it in and claiming it with their initials.

  • Supporters

    Thank you, donors and partners, for your tremendous support for poverty alleviation ministries.

    Chao Foundation logo

    Gold Sponsor

    $15,000 - $49,999

    D&N Nguyen

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    Green Sponsor

    $1,000 - $4,999

    Gary & Amber Wong

    Taylor Family Foundation


    Blue Sponsor

    $500 - $999

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    $1 - $499

    Dung Nguyen

    Steven & Linda Tedja

    Yanyan Zhang

    John & Tina Teng-Henson
    Jeffrey McCallion

    Kurian & Asha Thomas

    Tim & Jennifer Brown

    Joanna Luk

    Tad & Jennifer Park

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    Peter Nguyen

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    Jennifer Urano

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    Milly Thomas

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